YouTube monetization: How to turn home-made videos into powerful lead and business generators

Video: ?A contractor’s video demonstrating Lenarduzzi’s concept in practice. This video has attracted about 65,000 views since it was posted 2014. This video could have been more effective with a truly solid call to action and link at the end, however.

It almost seems too good to be true. Spend a few minutes creating a home-made video, post it on YouTube, and acquire dozens of new leads — without spending a cent on advertising.

And I’ll take things a step further — if you follow Sunny Lenarduzzi’s YouTube business development model (and it is suitable for your business) you might even be able to earn a significant passive income FROM advertising.

Lenarduzzi?used a brief presentation at the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) conference to explain the concept. It works in my opinion best for consumer-facing services, that is services where there is a high need from a relatively large audience. ?It may work for highly technical or professional business-to-business services but the audience and cycle may better be served with a LinkedIn/content marketing approach from another presenter (which I’ll share with you tomorrow).

Here’s the concept.

First research a potential topic for which you can provide expert advice that will be of interest to potential clients. ?Generally, these are “how to” tutorials

For example, Sunny cited Home Depot’s video on “How to install a toilet” and she demonstrated a local fireplace company’s story on how to turn on the pilot light for a gas fireplace.

If you are searching for relevant topics you can determine interest by looking at the questions people ask you most frequently — if you have a “FAQ” section or resource that may be a start. ?You can also use the Google/YouTube search bar. As you key in words, additional topics appear based on searches from others. Finally, you can review other sites/videos in your niche — and see what traffic they are generating.

Second, you produce the video.

This doesn’t need to be a high-tech thing, with slick narrative and production values. You should take time to carefully script it and avoid jarring problems. ?The video should include:

  • A short introduction (introducing yourself and your credibility), no longer than 20 seconds;
  • Tease the outcome for the video
  • Explain the solution in sequential steps
  • and finally include at least two calls to action — either to encourage phone calls or click-throughs to your site/email.

She says the tools you’ll need are simple:

  • Knowledge of some valuable information to share;
  • a phone or webcam;
  • Imovie (installed on Macs) to edit;
  • your YouTube channel; and
  • a Can Do attitude.

If you provide valuable information on topics people are searching, your video will soon appear with some frequency.

Lenarduzzi?did not mention the fact that many YouTube publishers are not businesses wishing to drive traffic to their sites/services, but in fact produce the videos so they can generate advertising revenue from AdSense, available now if you have sufficient volume/traffic on your videos. You can however select whether you wish to monetize your video or not — and you might elect to turn off the monetization if you think you will provide an advertising environment for your competitors.

Here’s an example of one of Lenarduzzi’s own videos, which as attracted more than one million views on YouTube:

I see this concept as potentially being very effective for residential service businesses, but it may also work well for business-to-business marketing if you can seize on a topic/issue worthy of explanation.

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