robert merkley

The surprise party: A reward for selfless community contributions

Yesterday, I joined about 100 other guests at a surprise party for Robert Merkley of Merkley Supply Ltd. at The Ottawa Hospital. The hospital's...
channelpath business

Do you know your marketing channels? – Part 2

Yesterday, I posted Mark Mitchell's useful infographic describing the manufacturer-to-consumer marketing channels for building products and services. He has responded with his equally-useful industrial/commercial/institutional...
crystal dining

Removing stress and giving clients more than they expect: Are these keys to brand...

As I write this, we are on a boat in the Indian Ocean somewhere west of Reunion Island and east of Madagascar. If you...
symposium sponsor

It’s a basic rule in marketing: Know your customer first before you reach out

Mark Mitchell wisely points out that many competitors successfully sell "inferior" products and services to the clients you are trying to reach. There are a...
Zlien blog

The Paid Blog: Zlien — Best Construction Blog competition

I know of few aspects of the construction business that combine complexity and "arcaneness" with vital importance than the construction/mechanics lien rules.  Contractors have...

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