Sunday, July 21, 2019


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In respect of the bootstrap: Start-up surprises and business projections

I have a single-minded focus on mind these days: Turning the start-up Ontario Construction News into a business success. This focus is necessary, in...

About branding and honesty: It isn’t hard to get things right

Michael Stone in a recent newsletter highlights the frustrating experience of a subcontractor dealing with a less-than-ethical general contractor. I have a scenario where the...
measuring marketing

Are you effectively measuring your marketing success? Probably not.

This 2014 study from Duke University is a bit dated now -- a lot can happen in five years -- but the numbers are...

Thoughts about market disruption and change (and its impact on marketing)

I imagine the sinking feelings among Yellow Pages salespeople, or Encyclopedia Britannica reps, as they saw their businesses evaporate as online competition decimated their...
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Building blocks for business success

Last week, a local Ottawa bakery abruptly closed its doors after 90 years in business. The story's regional newsworthiness was perhaps magnified by the...

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