marketing research

Some marketing advice for mid-sized contractors

Much construction marketing material is written for small and residentially-focused contractors, and mammoth contractors have enough resources that marketing is integrated into their natural...
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Your Internet vigilance — why it is important

Two recent separate issues explained why anyone concerned with marketing and communications should also have resources at hand to deal with IT and Internet...
business growth

It’s fun to be growing again

It’s fun to be growing again. After several years of rightsizing our business, it is time to add employees and resources. The contraction period wasn’t all...
hiring process

The inverted hiring process: Does it work?

Yesterday, I made the selection decision for a new publication's editor. Will my choice be good? I cannot be 100 per cent confident of...
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Would you like to share your marketing success story?

If you've had a great "win" in your architectural, engineering or construction marketing, I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you used a...

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