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The visibility factor in construction marketing (branding)

Karl Feldmen in an article in the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Marketer Journal reminds us of the basic definition of "branding" --...
chaos theory

Marketing consistency, evolution, and revolution: Balancing the forces

In a few hours, I'll join some local construction association leaders for a lunch where, I expect, we'll review how we can communicate association...
marketing priorities

Your business core and its relationship to effective marketing

We all have our own biases. Someone publishing a marketing blog might reasonably expect that marketing is the most important business aspect. But of...
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Building your firm’s brand: Easier said than done

Marketers like to use the word "brand" and "brand building" because it is the branding process that (at least in theory) demonstrates marketing's value. The...
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Behind the story: Researching a sensitive topic

Occasionally, I am able to get down and dirty in the one part of this business that truly captures my heart: A solid, challenging...

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