Wednesday, August 21, 2019


east europe

Back to the future: Entrepreneurship, delegation and history

By the time you read this post (written a few days ahead of publishing), I'll be a bicycle somewhere in Austria or the Czech...

Vacation: Balancing business forces

Vacation time, handled right, is both refreshing and challenging for anyone with business ownership and leadership responsibilities. If you can't take a vacation without...
Washington Dc

Returning to Washington with lessons learned about construction marketing

Tonight, I’m heading to Washington DC for the annual Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Build Business conference. The visit there will bring back memories...
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In respect of the bootstrap: Start-up surprises and business projections

I have a single-minded focus on mind these days: Turning the start-up Ontario Construction News into a business success. This focus is necessary, in...

About branding and honesty: It isn’t hard to get things right

Michael Stone in a recent newsletter highlights the frustrating experience of a subcontractor dealing with a less-than-ethical general contractor. I have a scenario where the...

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