Is construction a dirty business? If so, what can we do about it?

Maybe I'm too innocent for my own good. Last night, at the local Construction Specifications Canada chapter director's meeting, one member well-connected to the...

Can (should) you capture the boomer/millennial marketing trends?

Can you forecast/predict and adapt to trends and if possible get ahead of them in our AEC businesses and practices? This question has marketing relevance...
Construction worker with business card

Two-sided business cards (two sides to the story)

Recently, one of our company's most successful sales representatives made an unusual request.  He asked, when we reprint his business cards, for us to...
american girl

Can you really apply the American Girl “experience economy” in your contracting business?

I enjoy inspirational business talks. Great ideas sometimes stretch us in ways we would never expect, but I couldn't help but ask Tony Sottile how...
Independence Hall

Getting it right: The rewards of history

One of the perks of experiencing the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) conference in Philadelphia was the opportunity to visit the city steeped...

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