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The RFP presentation: Prepare well, simplify, and focus on the clients

Matt Handal, quoting Erica Olson, author of Speak Simple - The Art of Simplifying Technical Presentations, provides some useful resources for anyone who makes the...

How much should you measure and plan your construction marketing?

There are some common themes that reverberate through the architectural, engineering and construction marketing world. They are undoubtedly more complex than they seem at...
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Brand success = Trust x Recognition

Some recent posts by John Jantch and John Sonnhalter relate to the importance of earning and maintaining trust in the marketplace. Sonnhalter summarizes Jantch's posting with...
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The things you can do wrong, and right, in retaining and winning business

Adams Hudson has shared a first-person story about the things contractors can do wrong, and right, in losing or winning business. You can read...
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Nature, nurture and self — and the interconnections that define our lives

Oh gosh, what a title (and topic) for a blog on construction marketing . . . I'm getting a bit philosophical, but suppose this...

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