Saturday, May 25, 2019


What do you want? (And living through a real-life marketing challenge

If you've been reading this (now more occasional) blog for the past few weeks, you'll know that my mind-marketing energy has been directed to...

The path of least resistance: Sometimes there is a better way

I like this post from Ari Galper, who suggests a solution in getting through to the boss. The advice here applies for other circumstances,...

Overcoming (or enjoying) market inertia: It’s hard to move people

As we proceed with the launch of Ontario Construction News, I'm reminded again of the perils of being the second player in an established...
ocn-d may 15 cover

Questions about marketing for a startup with 2 per cent market share

We've been publishing our newest title, Ontario Construction News, for a little less than two weeks. It's still far too early to make firm...

The perils of transparency

Michael Stone in a recent newsletter describes a contractor with what appears to be a partner from hell, describing the problems with "transparency" --...

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