Good and evil in international affairs (and construction marketing)

There's a classic bit of motivational advice I've always elected to ignore: "Turn off the news." The concept -- you can't do anything about the...
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Are there times when you should really turn down or discourage business?

Consultant Michael Stone in a recent eletter describes a moral dilemma of one of his contractor clients. The contractor had been invited to quote...

Safety: It ain’t sexy, but does it still count for successful construction marketing?

Construction Canada show organizers certainly didn't need to book a large meeting room for the session dedicated to the business reasons for implementing the...
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Conflicting interests: Discovering the truth

Today, in the midst of other responsibilities, I'll continue the review and research for the sensitive story described in the previous posting. Good journalism...

Mastering resiliency: The hidden key to marketing and business success

This morning, I set out on a challenging bicycle ride, about 60 km, riding from my home to the Gatineau Hills. The key to...

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