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In marketing, the more things change, the more they stay the same

I'm reminded as I delve into new technologies and their impact on business and marketing, that the fundamental issues and principles remain consistent. Sure,...
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Cycle times, testing, and the real challenge of AEC marketing

Not surprisingly, I enjoy reading marketing stories from a variety of places. Idea cross-fertilization helps. Especially, of course, are articles relating to marketing for...

Epiphanies and marketing: Are there correlations?

Have you ever experienced an epiphany; that is, a mind-awaking sudden awareness that changes your perceptions and insights into fundamental conditions, and changes your...

Change happens in business: How to be prepared

Earlier this summer, I received a reminder about how change often happens in business. A sudden, seemingly dramatic, crisis pushes everything to the wall...
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Hard choices, easy choices in construction marketing (and business)

I  need to make some hard choices for my business. But, as the plane landed last night from Calgary at midnight, I realized how...

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