Wednesday, October 16, 2019


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The pain (and magic) of competition

Business competition creates both challenges and opportunities. The ideal self-interested business model is a monopoly, of course, if you can get away with it....

The dangers of assumptions: Often things aren’t quite what they seem to be

In the most recent post, I related to a problem of perceived betrayal of trust by someone who I and one of my colleagues...
loose lips

Loose lips, competition, and challenges of the long-haul

Last Thursday, as I travelled to Toronto for an industry event about the legislative changes at the root of our Ontario Construction News project,...
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Do The Ride: Progressing from business to charity and health (and back to business)

This Sunday, I'll join several hundred other bicyclists on The Ride, an experience event that has raised millions of dollars for research at The...
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Are you succeeding? Figuring out your margins and returns

Michael Stone has written a brief, but I think important, eletter where he provides a simple assessment of success in business. He says a successful...

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