Monday, June 17, 2019


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Price, value and the challenge of marketing and selling

Michael Stone has written a useful column about the challenges of "focusing on price" -- where he seeks to educate his clients on changing...
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Is the construction labour shortage real, or an indication of poor industry productivity?

Yesterday, I enjoyed a 45 minute conversation with the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition winner Ed Zarenski. I need to edit the Skype video...
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Some simple advice about answering your phone

The phone has evolved in use in the last decade, in part because its evolution into an all-purpose multimedia live tool. Last week, for...

Preparing for the sales call (and that means preparing options for the client)

Michael Stone, in recently republishing an email newsletter from 2012, has provided a reminder about the importance of sales call preparation and, if you...

About trust — and its vital importance in effective marketing

Michael T. Buell has written an important article in The SMPS Marketer -- The Impact of Trust.  In it, he asserts that far too many...

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