Monday, June 24, 2019


Bootstrapping a business (after 30 years)

A little more than 31 years ago, in April 1988, I started the publishing business with a determination to use zero capital for the...
strategic alliance

About strategic alliances: How they can help your business succeed?

Yesterday afternoon, I had a key conversation with the leader of our strategic alliance partner We worked on some methodologies to keep our...
our offer

Price, value and the challenge of marketing and selling

Michael Stone has written a useful column about the challenges of "focusing on price" -- where he seeks to educate his clients on changing...
ed zarenski mark buckshon

Is the construction labour shortage real, or an indication of poor industry productivity?

Yesterday, I enjoyed a 45 minute conversation with the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition winner Ed Zarenski. I need to edit the Skype video...
man at buildings

Some simple advice about answering your phone

The phone has evolved in use in the last decade, in part because its evolution into an all-purpose multimedia live tool. Last week, for...

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