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We’re coming to the end of the reviews for the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition, with XS CAD Pre-Construction 3D + BIM Solutions having the last, but certainly not the least spot among the entries receiving reviews.

This organization is an offshore service provider for CAD, BIM and MEP (M&E) services, based in India and the UK and with offices in the US, Canada and Australia. Not surprisingly (and quite reasonably) one of the blog’s functions is to encourage organizations to consider “offshoring” pre-construction services, reflecting a trend in other industries where the combination of skills and lower costs (with efficient high-speed Internet communications) makes the shift to an international design model quite reasonable.

Entries in this blog are appropriately quite technical and detailed (as I doubt you would want to make the move offshore just based on marketing materials saying ‘we can do it.’)? There’s a mix of general and specialized content. For example, see this post: What is BIM Modelling, compared to Experience is Key for Outsourcing Hydraulic Building Services.

The entries focus on a measured, professional message, yet the blog isn’t afraid to make recommendations. For example, in the post ArchiCAD or Revit for Homebuilding Models & Drawings?, the writer takes time to describe both systems in a comprehensive manner, and explains their benefits. Yet you can see the conclusion offers a clear point-of-view.

Ultimately, Revit supports a project from design stage to completed construction (and can be used for maintenance and demolition) and has edged past ArchiCAD in the key areas of being faster and offering greater flexibility. It is taught to young architects in the industry, offers great support and upgrades and improves itself with each new version. Clearly, Revit will be seen to be the leading software and the future of BIM in the homebuilding sector, as it reinforces today?s collaborative cloud-based needs through effective add-ons, and it is also part of a software group that allows other disciplines to be included more easily. A partner that delivers the entire gamut of 3D architectural visualisation using Revit, including efficient architectural rendering services, would be the effective path to progress in the industry.

This blog is certainly worth book-marking if you have a focus or challenges with pre-construction resources.

Voting for the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition concludes on March 31. You can select one or more blogs, but you can only vote once. Here is the ballot.

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