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Why are you blogging
Why blog? This montage results form a Google Image search of “Why are you blogging?”

Voting has started?in the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition.?

The question: “Why blog?” may seem obvious to the dozens of architectural, engineering and construction industry bloggers who have entered the competition. Yet a blog posting for one of the entrants, Blogging Painters, comes closest to any in recent years in answering the question.

As sales continue to be competitive for paint contractors, blogging has come back around as a hot topic. It is easier than ever to find helpful tips on how to set up a blog. Contractors are putting more energy into building nice looking sites with blog space, and conversations quickly move to ?Ok, so, what do I write about??

Then the conventional ?list of blog topics? is shared and everyone starts working down the list.

The question really should be ?Why am I Blogging??

Let?s set aside ?blogging for SEO and leads? for a moment and think about information that would actually be helpful for someone who is searching the internet with a paint problem?to read. Imagine sharing topics with a purpose ? that discuss problems and how they can be solved, and SHOW you as the expert in the local field.

This observation is followed by a pull-quote from?Tom Reber from Motorhard.com, another blogger who?has entered the competition.

?To keep things simple, create your content plan from the mindset of ?Let?s commit to being the industries best educator. When you become the best educator you will build more trust. You?ll become the expert. People hire experts and pay more for them.?

These points resonate with me. They reflect the power of authority — provide useful, effective information, and you’ll win respect and trust from potential clients. As well, because people seek out the information and consider it valuable, the search engines will respect and rank it higher — and so your brand identity will be enhanced.

Best of all, while you need to do some work to develop and then share the expertise effectively, in a practical sense, you should have this expertise as a key component of your work.

I’ll review both of these blogs separately later. In the meantime, you can vote for either of them here, along with other blogs you like.

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