What works? — An update

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We should be careful in marketing surveyinterpreting survey results, especially if they unscientific and the sample size is small. Yet the evolving collection of answers to the question: “Which marketing methods have resulted in profitable business for your organization?” provides some food for thought and insight. Notably, after an early start where social media took the lead, SEO has risen in the ranks but (by a small margin) “Trade/community Association participation and relationships” has the most votes.

Lets give this survey some more time, perhaps a week or so, and see how many participants will answer the question? ?You can view the real-time results by participating yourself. The idea is for us to gain a better insight into what works, beyond the obvious leading repeat and referral business sources.

Please feel free to spread the news about this survey through social media. This might skewer the results in favour of “social media” but not totally, as you can vote for as many categories as you wish — the only guideline is that the marketing method should have been profitable for your business in the last year.

Your participation can be confidential, if you wish.

You can participate here.

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