What really works for construction marketing? Start with trade/community associations and relationships

community relationships
What works? The ongoing survey suggests that community/association relationships and marketing are the most effective ways to build business following repeat and referral business.

Several years ago (in 2014) I set up a survey with a simple question: I asked marketers to answer which of various marketing methods produced profitable results for their businesses in the last year beyond referral and repeat business. Readers could select several choices.

The survey has been largely invisible (though still live) so there haven’t been too many responses since the initial answers — about 110 — but the results are still interesting and relevant. I’m putting out a reminder now to see if additional responses will change the equation.

You can view and respond to the original survey here. You can if you wish also answer the “new” version (same text) at this link.

In 2014, I discovered there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to marketing but the most popular answer “Trade/community association and relationships” worked for 36.1 per cent of the people who responded. Second place went to: “Social media (paid or free) including LinkedIn, Facebook, Houzz, Google Plus, Twitter, and others.”

Bringing up the rear: Pay per click advertising (6.4 per cent) and canvassing/telemarketing (4.6 per cent).

These observations are in line with my subjective perceptions about what works, and what doesn’t. The story could be changing, however, and accordingly I invite your participation (and you’ll be able to view the complete results when you complete the survey.)

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