What are the most important social media markeing metrics?

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This Whirlwind Steel blog posting advocates leveraging of social media accounts

If you are endeavouring to assess the most effective approach to measuring and managing your social media marketing strategy, this post from Social Media Today may be useful to review.

In The Most Important Social Media Metrics (and Why You Should Care), Jordan Lore outlines three that are vital if you want to achieve meaningful business/sales results:

  1. Click through rate
  2. Bounce rate
  3. Social shares

Why these metrics?

Each of these measurements?are indicators of how good of a job you’re doing at getting your target audience from your?social media?channels to your website, where you can then?convert them into a sale or a lead.

By monitoring these key indicators you can get an estimate of how much social media as a marketing tool is helping you achieve a positive ROI.

The article describes how you can implement your measuring system.

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