Video tests (part 2)

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hangout pageThis Friday, I’ll resume an experiment originally attempted about three years ago. Then, with the early advent of video live stream broadcast technologies, I envisaged a weekly program that would ultimately include interviews and live viewer feedback.

The experiment failed, largely on the rocks of shaky technology. Although the changes in technology a few years ago should have made it possible for a simple broadcast to be possible without a sophisticated television broadcast control room, it just wasn’t reliable and easy enough to implement.

The theory, that you could incorporate live-stream?broadcast with YouTube video storage, just didn’t hold up in practice.

Now it is time to resume the experiment. Although my short-notice interview with 2014 Best Construction Blog winner Craig Martin initially failed (in part because we were both confused about the correct time zone for our conversation), I noticed right away the advances in controls and tools within the Google Plus and YouTube systems.

Accordingly, the broadcasts will resume at 2:00 pm EDT (for 30 minutes) this Friday, March 23. You’ll be able to access them either as a passive YouTube viewer or, if you wish to get more involved and belong to the Google Plus Construction Marketing Ideas community, you may if you wish participate through text comments or even your own live video hangout presence.

Don’t expect perfection here — even if this experiment is successful, I think the first few broadcasts will be awkward, at best. So this announcement and one in my Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter this week will be the only ones I’ll make for the initial construction market ideas broadcast. ?My guess is it will take three to six weeks to master the technology and then we’ll move to more advanced programming including scheduled interviews and serious tutorials.

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