Travelling to learn


Today, I?ll be driving to Tweed, Ontario to meet with Gaylord Hardwood Flooring and learn how this business has succeeded over several years in the competitive environment.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of my work is the opportunity to connect with and ?pick brains? from successful businesses.  Ironically, there is an inverse correlation between the need to implement the ideas in my Construction Marketing Ideas book and the success of the business ? and even more interesting is that most of the people I can track who purchase or request  the book don?t ?need it? in that they are already successful in their marketing approaches!  (The book is available from the Construction Marketing Ideas website or other booksellers including and is free to Construction News and Report Group advertising clients who request it.)

If you read this posting or the weekly Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter this morning, you probably will be connecting while I drive along some of the more scenic highways of eastern Ontario.  I might be a little slower than usual in replying to your emails or phone messages.

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