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Qualified Remodeler blog
The Qualified Remodeler blog

Qualified Remodeler magazine performs the traditional media gatekeeper function. That is, the well-established magazine publisher draws on its resources and contributors and can screen submissions and published material for relevance and quality. You can be safe that you will find valid, useful information, and not some disguised sales pitch or inaccurate “fake news” — the sort of unfettered garbage that fills much of the web’s bandwidth these days.

Clearly, this site/blog has focus and relevance for renovation and home improvement contractors. There’s no need to visit this site if your only business is large ICI projects; but if you are in the trenches with contractors trying to win business in the residential market, you’ll find much value in these pages.

Consider this guest blog post from Erin Vaughan: What Homeowners Expect Out of the Remodel Process.

It goes without saying, of course, but trusting a home to a contractor can be frightening, especially for a homeowner coming in cold to the process. The vast majority of remodelling clients jump into a project without much research and select contractors based on quote, rather than how they communicate.

That means it?s up to you to lead clients through the process from start to finish. And due to the poor overall reputation of contractors, you?ll need to do due diligence when it comes to negotiations, pricing, and communicating responsibilities and potential issues.

Vaughan?then provides some specific insights and observations. I’ll summarize some of them; it isn’t my place to steal the blog’s copyright thunder in this review, but each topic provides relevant observations:

  • A professional who can ease their minds;
  • A listener who will hear them out;
  • An honest business owner who will provide transparency;
  • A protector who will watch out for their interests; and
  • A communicator who will keep them informed.

This?blog should be on your must-read list if you are a renovation contractor. If you aren’t, a visit here will provide some ideas about effective blog design and content generation. However, I realize that not every reader here has the resources of a media publishing business where blogging, not surprisingly, falls within the publisher’s zone of expected expertise.

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