The Live in Liberty blog: How a condo developer uses a blog for effective marketing

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Most entries in the Best Construction Blog competition are from contractors or service providers for the architectural, engineering and construction community. The Live in Liberty blog takes on marketing from a different perspective — developer to consumer — and shows how effective a well-designed blog can be for the retail/consumer market.

The nomination entry puts it this way:

The Live in Liberty blog by CanAlfa not only promotes their Liberty Central By The Lake master-planned residential community but it also celebrates Liberty Village, its proximity to events and popular venues in Toronto and the eclectic and wonderful lifestyle that Liberty Village residents enjoy:

When you view the blog, you’ll be impressed by the graphic design and layout. The content, in itself, will be of limited value to most readers here — but we aren’t potential clients or residents of the Toronto condo development the blog has been designed to serve.

However, when you look at it from purpose it serves, I think it is worthy of this competition — and may provide inspiration both in design and content framework for others with projects where marketing involves more than the tangible development, but also represents and encourages the intangible community that results from the initiative.

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