The Google Plus Hangout (experimental video conferences continue)


We?ll have another Construction Marketing Ideas Google Plus Hangout at 2 pm. today.  You?re welcome to join but will need to be in one of my circles (or at least extended circles) to avoid the free-for-all that occurred a couple of weeks ago.  This is still frontier stuff.

Once you set up your own Google Plus account (necessary to access the system), send me an email to and I will connect you to the relevant circles who can access the hangout.

Of course, I don?t really ?know? what I am doing here, yet. In fact, I?ll be spending some time before the Hangout learning more about social media best practices.  First, I?m having lunch with Daniel Smith of Strokes of Genius Painting in Ottawa.  Daniel is a former employee who met me through social media (he was one of the first to use LinkedIn to respond to a careers posting) and is one of the earliest users of Twitter.

Then I?ll head across the country for a ?pre-hangout hangout? with Rhonda Burgin of Burgin Construction in southern California.  Burgin is one of the entries in the Best Construction Blog competition and is a leader in the social media space.  She?ll be joining me for the 2 pm. hangout.  If you wish, you can send me an email once you have your Google Plus account set up so I can hopefully include you in the relevant circles.

Why am I spending so much energy on this stuff ? and why should you?  Well, I think that Google Plus participation is vital if you want to intersect social media with direct client communication and (most important), search engine optimization trends.

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