The Frugal Construction Marketer


This year (2012), I?ll be writing my second book:  The Frugal Construction Marketer:  How to build and promote your architectural, engineering and construction business for less than $5,000 a year.

The book will show that you don?t need to spend huge amounts of money to be successful with your marketing if you are creative, understand the basics of relationship and brand-building and (most importantly) are willing to do some key things yourself (or sub the work out inexpensively ? I?ll explain how.)

Frugal marketing is  not the only way to go; we have dozens of advertising clients for our print and online publications who spend $5,000 annually with us ? and this investment is a small drop in their overall marketing budget.  But many contractors, sub trades, architects and engineers have trouble grasping the value of marketing, so this book will explore practical ideas about how to achieve great results, cheaply.

You can win a free opportunity to put the frugal marketing principles into practice.  If you are selected, I will work with you on a personalized consultation plan at no cost.


  1. You need to be able to allocate at least $1,000 in cash (with $4,000 in potential reserve) for construction marketing initiatives.  This money stays in your bank account and you control it throughout the process and you would not ever send or spend it on me.  The funds will be used to pay for independent third party services and resources.  You need some skin in the game, however ? Frugal does not mean ?free.?
  2. Order an advance copy of the new Frugal Construction Marketing book and purchase a copy of Construction Marketing Ideas: Practical Strategies and Resources to Attract and Retain Clients for Your Architectural, Engineering or Construction Business.  If you?ve already purchased my book, this is okay.  You don?t need to do it again.  Your investment will be between $10.00 and $50.00, depending on where you order the books and their formats (printed or electronic).  As I and third party vendors such as generally offer money-back guarantees, if you aren?t selected or wish to drop out and wish a complete refund, you can receive your money back, without question.
  3. Complete the brief request/survey form.  This just asks a few details about your business and explains what you will receive if successful.
  4. Your business/practice needs to be in Canada or the U.S.
  5. You will grant permission for us to use your name, story and experience in the book and other media.  I will provide advance notice of the publicity and send you sample materials ? we won?t publish identifiable ?negative? material, however.

What you will receive

This is an offer for extensive free personalized consulting.  It may involve travel (at my expense) to your community/business for first-hand meetings and market evaluation.  (You won?t be expected to pay any of my expenses).  You need not spend any or all of the frugal marketing budget if you don?t wish, and you are quite free to decline or drop out of the project at any time.

The goal is to co-ordinate a creative and frugal marketing strategy and implement it ? and monitor and measure the results.  When we?re done, we?ll see how close we come to achieving the profitability/results you are seeking.  Your out-of-pocket costs should not be greater than $1,000, regardless of final results.

The selection process

Deadline for applications is January 31, 2012.  We?ll select you on a controlled ?first come-first served? approach if you qualify under the terms above and your business is not too similar to any other business already selected.  In other words, if you are first to respond and you are an architect working in one community, you will be selected ? but if you are similar in size and/or profession and are second, we?ll select another business/organization with greater diversity.  (If you are not selected, we?ll refund the book purchase price(s) on request, within a few days.)

You can indicate your interest here.


You can email me at or phone 888-432-3555 ext 224.

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