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Update: Electronic edition revised

We’ve published an updated electronic edition. The core concepts remain the same as in the printed version, but we’ve updated some references and included fresh hyperlinks. If you’ve purchased the printed book and wish a free electronic update, please email with proof of purchase, and we’ll send you a link to obtain the updated e-book version in a format suitable to you. ?If you purchase the PDF or printed book from this website, we’ll also send you the update download link.

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construction marketing ideas bookThe Construction Marketing Ideas?book provides insights and practical suggestions for effective marketing for the architecture, engineering and construction industry.? It takes an interdisciplinary approach, providing relevant information for both the professions and trades within the construction community.? Most of all, it suggests a different approach to marketing, one which takes fullest advantage of your strengths rather than standard assumptions about what should work, and what won?t succeed.

You’ll discover things you can do today to enhance your profitability, focusing on building trust, repeat and referral business, while avoiding waste and expensive strategies that fail to deliver profitable results for your business. ?Satisfaction guaranteed, 100 per cent — if you don’t find value in this book, return it for a complete refund. (However, reading the reader reviews, you’ll likely treasure it, instead.)

You can now order the book in PDF format for $18.95 — (payment through this link).

This format allows you to read the book on virtually any electronic device. You can also share it among colleagues within your organization (but of course, do not redistribute it, post it on the web, or sell it . . . it is still very much copyrighted!)

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You can purchase the book online at at a variety of retailers,?order it through your local bookstore (request ISBN 978-0-9810816-0-1) or purchase it directly as an unrestricted pdf (use or share within your office, but don’t resell multiple copies of it!) from this website.? If you wish, you can preview the book without charge at?Google Books.