The affiliate marketing offer: Is it worthwhile?


A few days ago, I received the following email signed by Michael Arslan of Long Tail Pro, unsolicited:

Hey Mark,

I came across this article on your website and noticed that you haven’t mentioned Long Tail Pro as one of the keyword research tools that users should use. Considering that this article is getting a significant amount of traffic I thought you could monetize it better by promoting Long Tail Pro and receiving 30% recurring commission on all sales. You can learn more about Long Tail Pro by going to our website here.

If you would be to get 1000 visitors each month to this article and we take an average conversion rate of 1-2% (which is the case for some of our other affiliates) you could be making somewhere between $500-$1,000/month ongoing for simply just adding a link to your website. The potential is limitless!

In order to make you look good in front of your readers we also set up a dedicated landing page where you can send them and they can get an additional 30% discount from the original price. Check out the landing page here to learn more!

We are very selective when deciding who should be an affiliate to represent our product across the web so we are grateful to your hard work and dedication in the SEO field.

Hope to hear from you soon and let me know if you have any questions.

Ahh, an affiliate marketing offer — where the site owner (in this case, me) can earn a commission from anyone who signs up for the paying offer.

Because of the service’s relevance to the online marketing process and its rather helpful free resources (see the Long Tail Pro blog), and because the affiliate sign up was made to be as easy as possible, I “bit” and set up an affiliate account. If you look, you may see some ads appearing in the sidebar of this blog for the offer.

Affiliate deals offer marketers some intriguing opportunities, if you structure them properly. Since you only pay for action/results, you can manage your business development costs and relate them closely to performance. in the AEC world, a really good leads service would operate on an affiliate-commission model; where you pay a revenue share based on conversions. But these arrangements are hard to structure so they are mutually profitable and fair to the paying end-user.

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