“Talk triggers” — is this the solution to developing word-of-mouth marketing?

talk triggers

You may find value in checking out this blog posting by Jay Baer. He advocates a word-of-mouth business development strategy called “talk triggers”.

A talk trigger is a strategic, operational differentiator that compels conversation. It must be repeatable, meaning every customer has access to it. The hilarious on-hold music that Uberconference uses is a good B2B talk trigger.

There are five types of talk triggers: talkable generosity, talkable usefulness, talkable speed, talkable empathy and talkable attitude. Your talk trigger ideas must fit into one of these five. Ideally, your candidate triggers should come from 2-3 of these buckets.

He outlines a five stage process to determine and evaluate the “talk triggers” that might work for your marketing, which can be applied both in the Business-to-business and business-to-computer markets.

Now, I haven’t tested this concept personally, but it seems to make sense — and certainly can be a low-cost way to enhance the client experience and encourage positive word-of-mouth — so, on a risk-reward level, it makes perfect sense to give it a try.

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