Supplier-based resources: Bringing your marketing upstream, or downstream


Michael Stone has posted a fascinating page based on a webinar program sponsored by? Great Lakes Windows (Ply Gem) titled “2018: Plan for More Quality Leads, Better Closings and Making More Money.”

The supplier organized a program, where it invited three residential contractor marketing consultants to provide their insights to its customers.

The consultants included Stone,?on “How to Make Good Money in 2018”, along with?Brian Javeline?with?MyOnlineToolbox?on “Planning for More Quality Leads.” and?Bernie Heer?with?Contractor Profit Zone?on Better Closings, titled, “How to Turn More of Your Leads into Sales”.

Each of the video webinars offers readers real value and practical business-building insights, so I encourage you to visit and view them, even if your market focus is not with individual homeowners and you are not a Great Lakes Windows distributor or installer.

But the marketing story goes beyond the obvious information here. Consider the role of both the manufacturer and the consultants in this process in building their own businesses/practices by sharing useful (free) information with their contractor clients.

The window manufacturer can only gain by helping its distributor/installer clients to succeed. The business advantage is both tangible (more orders) and intangible (the generosity increases good will and marketing search engine effectiveness).

The cost isn’t high. I don’t know how much the consultants charged in professional service fees to participate in the program — but the expense cannot be too great, considering the value generated. The consultants have every reason to deliver their best advice, even if the end-user contractors don’t directly pay for their services. Some will become direct clients; and in any case, other non-competing manufacturers may be interested in providing a similar program.

Simply put, looked at several levels, this is brilliant marketing. If you are a building products manufacturer or distributor, you will want to consider a similar program. If you fit anywhere else in the scheme (as a consultant or contractor), if this sort of opportunity is offered to you, grab it (and encourage your manufacturer/distributor suppliers to replicate the concept.) It is simple, economical, and highly effective marketing.

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