Stirring the AEC marketing content wars: Which story is correct?

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There’s been some recent discord in a posting by David Whitemeyer on the PSMJ Resources, Inc., site, and Matt Handal from Whitemeyer posted with a provocative (and click-bait) headline:8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do A/E Marketing, and Handal’s response: A/E Marketers Are Not Your Gal Friday.

I urge you to read both pieces and form your own conclusions. As for my own opinion, I acknowledge knowing Matt for several years (I don’t know David), and that agree with him that you certainly don’t need to be an extrovert to be a successful AEC marketer. (Frankly, however, I have some difficulty with the psychological concept of introversion and extroversion, but believe that social skills/intelligence has real significance and this sort of “brains” certainly isn’t distributed equally.) Also, using words like “Bubbly” draws connotations of women living in another era. And Whitemeyer’s?headline is undoubtedly misleading, playing on the click-bait content marketing techniques.

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