Some ideas on creating truly effective logos — colour matters

Can you make your logo more effective and relevant to your market?
Can you make your logo more effective and relevant to your market?

This infographic, developed by Canadian plastic card manufacturer Colourfast and republished by provides some clues about the impact and relationship of logo colour and your company’s personality/character.

We use black and red (with red being more powerful than black) in our regional publication logos:

Do we reflect?

cmi logo for blog

energy, love, bold passionate (red)


Sophistication, luxury, seductive, formal, authority?

Maybe, but there is a simpler point here.

If you look at the character of well established, global brands, and you pick colours that match the character of the brands, you’ll buy into their psychological associations and (provided you don’t make your logo look similar to theirs and/or are in their line of business), you shouldn’t risk?trademark violation problems).?Consider the other points in the infographic, as well — and you may well be able to use a mix-and match approach to come up with a logo framework without paying massive amounts for research.

As well, you can use this document as a cross-check for preliminary logo designs and perhaps as an evaluation tool in reviewing design options provided through a design competition/selection process.

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