Social media advertising: Does it work?


Some research indicates the compelling advantage of social media posting, “boosting’ and advertising — with notable results from targeted demographics.

Charlie Shea posted in 2012:

Regardless of whether or not you are familiar with marketing schemes mediated by social media, you must have undoubtedly encountered unnerving advertisements during your online browsing experience that made you wonder ?how did they know?? Consumer targeted ads are now more and more popular with companies who wish to spend little and get a lot. This kind of marketing strategy of using social networks to pin-point consumer interest and focus the money being spent on ads has statistically shown to improve the ratio between the variable costs and the total revenue.

As shown by comScore?s online report conducted earlier in June, companies that use Facebook?s viral advertising tactics have increased their return rates significantly. Through fans, friends, and friends of friends, brand such as Starbucks and Target have made at least a 1.8% nominal lift in consumer group buyership.

The challenge with this sort of data is whether it is all that helpful to AEC businesses and practices, especially in the higher-end ICI markets. ?The word-of-mouth dynamic for social media of course is extremely powerful in consumer marketplaces; but I think the process is somewhat more nuanced in the business-to-business environment, where reason, emotion, procurement policies and committees often have varying degrees of influence on the decision-making process. ?”Friending” and achieving raves from consumers who have purchased your product really won’t do the job when you are designing and building multi-million dollar schools and hospitals.

However, we shouldn’t under-rate the importance of social media, especially since we after all are indeed individuals. Sharing stories, especially client successes, connecting community contributions and highlighting your expertise with appropriate links and connections will certainly help your brand.

However, if you can show me how “boosting” Facebook posts will materially improve your success rate, please drop me a line at or write a comment. I just don’t quite see it as being that effective yet in the AEC environment.


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