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Cover page for the Sebring Design Build blog, which sets the standard for renovation contractors

If you are a renovator contemplating a new or improved blog, you should take a close look at Sebring Design Build’s site.?Don’t copy it, of course (that is cheating). But study it for the successful implementation of best practices, because I can’t find anything to improve here.

Sebring focuses on residential renovations in Chicago and its suburbs. The blog, however, has useful information for anyone contemplating a remodelling project. We can check off its features — excellent site navigation, loading speed, and really effective use of graphics in an appealing layout.

But the best part of this blog, of course, is its content. Specialized topics and decisions are often handled with a pro- and con decision-making process. This prevents the blog from descending into hype and encourages readers to think about their circumstances and choices.

Consider, for example, the post: Subcontractor vs Contractor: What Does a General Contractor Do?

sebring general vs subs

In this case, Sebring could come out and say “use a general contractor, like us” but doesn’t go that route, suggesting instead there are circumstances where if you have the knowledge and interest, you could be your own “general contractor” and sub out the work to others as required.

It is possible to be your own general contractor so that you don?t have to rely on hiring others to get the job done for you. If you have all of the proper licensure and materials to be a general contractor, you can coordinate your own construction or renovation project.

This would require that you hire subcontractors to help fulfill your specialized needs. However, being your own general contractor can still reduce the cost of a renovation project. Just be sure to plan and prepare before diving into your exciting assignment.

Sebring of course gives the argument for using a full-service general contractor, as well:

Let?s break it down and look at the advantages and disadvantages of both types of contractors. This will help you better understand what kind of individual or company you will want to hire for your renovation needs.

Pros of General Contractors:

  • A general contractor will give you the peace of mind that every aspect of the project is being overseen and taken care of.
  • General contractors are licensed, insured, and experienced.
  • A general contractor will hire subcontractors for you when they are necessary for the project.
  • You can often negotiate prices and project details with a good general contractor.

The key, however, is that Sebring also outlines the “cons”:

  • Depending on the size of your project, general contractors can be quite costly.
  • General contractors cannot physically perform every task themselves, and it is almost guaranteed that they will need to hire subcontractors, which will increase the price of the project.
  • Since general contractors are in charge of the project, you have no control over the quality or performance of the work.

Sebring also gives the pros and cons of subs, making it clear that the decision in the end is yours to make.

If you need a few simple repairs, you can hire a subcontractor?they?ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. However, there usually isn?t the same level of personal connection and motivation that you might find with a general contractor. General contractors are normally chosen for larger construction projects. This means they have a huge commitment to quality. Plus they find importance in establishing clients.

Be sure to do your research before choosing the right person or company. While any contractor can boast about experiences and qualifications, you need to see it for yourself in order to trust them. Gather a list of recommendations and testimonials before you settle on a choice. There are clear advantages and disadvantages to both kinds of contractors. Focus on your needs, and then make a well-informed choice from there.

Sebring’s blog engages readers in the decision-making process essential for a successful renovation. As it does, it builds trust and sets the stage for a healthy relationship with the types of clients the company wishes to attract.

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