Where things went . . . (404 redirects, etc.)

In December 2012, I managed to crash and trash three years of blog entries. All gone …. poof. ?The error is entirely my responsibility.

Unfortunately, many links from other places direct to specific blog postings which no longer exist.

Over time, I hope to rebuild these — I have data from the 404 redirects (that’s the system that catches visits to links-no-more) and will do my best to recreate the relevant pages/posts and links. ?However, this will take some time, and unfortunately, some of the information can never be recovered.

If you wish, you can email me at buckshon@cnrgp.com with your request.

You may find also some information at the “old” construction marketing ideas blog, at www.constructionmarketingideas.blogspot.com (though note that certain file references there will redirect you back to this site — and you will probably encounter the 404 redirect again.)

(Update: Jan. 11 2013. Our contractor has retrieved a few hundred posts — not all, but quite a few of the missing ones. Unfortunately, as we feared, we have not been able to recover the images. The recovered posts all have been set with a 2006 date — you can discover them through the blog’s search function.)

(Update: Dec. 31 2012. ?Most of the posts are still around, cached by Google. As well, it seems that software is available that allows for “scraping” these cached sites — potentially allowing the restoration of much, maybe most, of the missing material. Images will be a problem, unfortunately, as will properly dating the posts.)