Quick results: Patient effort (and what works with selling initiatives)

AEC Business Development
The SMPS Foundation compiled this book on AEC business development trends.

We see this problem far too often: Salespeople behaving like salespeople. I know, it is an incongruity that the stereotypes have some truth in the real world, but there is no doubt that in practice sales representatives who act like “salespeople” generally fail, or if they succeed, enjoy only fleeting results.

The reason, of course, is simple. The stereotypical sales representative thinks primarily about his or her personal objectives, not those of the clients. Orders need to be pushed, contacts need to be forced, the prospect needs to buy what the salesperson is selling, come hell or high water.

And, yes, these techniques can work, though in a painfully small volume. Bang on enough doors, and you may find someone with enough need for your product/service they will buy; or they will be easily led or swayed to do what you ask. But it is an uphill battle, a grind, a frustrating and I think near hopeless way to do business.

Equally, you won’t get far by sitting back and waiting for clients to come to you.

The best road to sales success, especially when the sale requires an ongoing relationship and significant?financial resources, is to build great relationships with the people who can either purchase or influence the purchasing decisions. And the best way to build these relationships is to deliver your reputation based on previous experience. Good clients will check you out.


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