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Let’s check the qualifications for the Best Construction Blog of 2014. Relevance, technical quality, great design, frequent and reliable updating . . . and popular vote? I can certainly judge the former, but cannot control the latter (and my judging vote has little value in the competition, because there will be at least three other independent judges, whose ballots will carry equivalent weight.)

Still, if I were to decide on the Best Construction Blog (allowing for about 10 or so I haven’t reviewed yet), I would give the honor hands down to Scott Burt’s

Wait, you may say. How can I be so unfair as to declare the competition’s winner just after voting has started and before I have even reviewed some of the blogs in the contest? ?The answer is that these observations reflect my personal gut feel perceptions right now, not the actual voting and judged results — and indeed another blog likely will win the competition.

Nevertheless, if you want to see how it really should be done, look at this blog. Loads of factually based content, excellent use of video, design that is easy to follow and easy-to-connect, and then add to it the concept of providing field-tested product reviews with unbiased reliability, while sharing professional techniques that would, if implemented, allow professional painting contractors to stand out from the crowd of cheap and poor-quality hacks that sometimes seem to overwhelm local markets virtually everywhere. (Phew, that is some prose on my part.)

Frankly, I see from how far my own blog is away from its excellence standard.

No, I cannot vote in the competition. And I can’t even determine the judged decision. But I’ll go out on a real limb and declare that has the best blog I’ve seen so far this year.

Voting continues until March 31, 2014 in the 2014 Best Construction Blog competition, and indeed other blogs are well ahead in the race for popular support. You can cast your ballot here. Maybe you’ll share my opinions, maybe not.

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