One, two, three (Simple, effective and economical) marketing strategies

marketing treats

marketing treatsThere’s an argument for keeping things simple. So I’ll share with you my favourite architectural, engineering and construction marketing and business development treats. They’re easy to implement and really inexpensive, cash-wise. (They require some time and effort, of course, but even that can be turned into fun time.)

Listen to your best customers and build off these relationships (while adding more value to your clients)

Your most profitable, consistent and loyal clients are like gold to you — so treat them that way, with respect and thoughtfulness. You can of course request and obtain direct referrals, suggest new ideas and services, even test out concepts (if you do it right, you’ll be given allowance for errors along the way.) You can presumably join/participate as a guest at their relevant industry associations.

Engage with relevant client-focused associations and community groups

This is more than joining and paying your dues. Volunteer to serve/support committees that capture your interest and allow you to expand your horizons. (In my case, I almost inevitably volunteer to help out with the associations’ newsletters/magazines and the like, but, heck, I’m a writer by trade.) Please don’t try this stuff expecting a fast payback, or in fact anything in return. If you do, you’ll be seen as a mercenary. Be genuine, though, and your trust/recognition will be enhanced.

Connect on-line with a great website, e-letter, blog and social media (but it doesn’t need to be technically fancy)

Almost inevitably, anyone considering doing business with you will quietly check you out online first. They’ll look for social media chatter, reviews, complaints, and form impressions about your responsiveness and relevance to their interests. You can contract for these services, but with a bit of effort, you can do much on your own at virtually no cost.

There — three simple strategies for business development and marketing success. ?Do you have your own stories to share? (If you would like some further implementation advice, you can email me at


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