Off to a fast start: Voting opens for 2017 Best Construction Blog competition


There were dozens of votes in the first day’s tally for the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition.

The rules allow anyone one vote though you can select more than one blog in that vote. It’s quite okay for bloggers to encourage support through social media, internal email campaigns and the like — and popular vote certainly is an important factor in determining the finalists.

(Yes, the system isn’t fail-proof — individuals can use more than one email address to pad the numbers and large organizations can instruct employees in far-flung offices to vote “en mass”, but in the end, artificial vote-getting methods don’t really help because the independent judges will still assess the blog’s overall quality and its genuine competitiveness.)

I’ll begin my reviews of individual blogs in the next few days, and expect to have these reports completed by late February or early March. (With 26 entries, obviously it will take some time to cover all of them.)

You can vote here.

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