N.C. Construction Law, Policy and News blog: Worthy insights regardless of where you live

NC Law blog
Matt Bouchard's N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News blog provides worthy insights -- even if you don't live anywhere near North Carolina
NC Law blog
Matt Bouchard’s N.C. Construction Law, Policy & News blog provides worthy insights — even if you don’t live anywhere near North Carolina

Matt Bouchard’s N.C. Construction Law, Policy and News blog continues its multi-year reputation of providing solid and relevant information for the AEC industry within North Carolina. However, while Bouchard writes with his market area in focus, the content undoubtedly has relevance to readers elsewhere.

Recently, the blog has not been updated frequently — and on checking, I discovered that we hadn’t received a nomination for this blog in the 2016 competition. I presumably added it to the candidates’ list because of its legacy. However, while victory isn’t likely, the most recent blog posting (from January 11) shows why this blog remains worthy of your bookmark.

In it, he explains as a major lottery jackpot loomed, how contractors can in a more practical manner, increase their success odds with five suggestions:

  1. ?Know who you?re doing business with.? One bad project can spoil the gains from ten successful ones.? Do your homework on the owners who want you to build their projects.? Avoid owners who insist on oppressive contract terms, have a history of problem jobs, and/or just don?t seem to know what they?re doing.? Sometimes the best contracts are the ones you don?t sign.
  2. Buy out subcontracts thoughtfully.? Just as you need to be careful picking & choosing the jobs you bid, you should be equally careful about selecting your downstream dance partners.? First-tier subcontractors offering you a price advantage might not necessarily be reliable team players down-the-road.? Balance price with dependability.?
  3. Cultivate a culture of jobsite safety.? Having a track record for operating safe jobsites makes your company more attractive to the best owners, keeps your workers? compensation mod rate in-check, and decreases the chances you?ll be spending time & money this year defending against claims.? Safety first, every day.
  4. ?Secure your payment rights.? In North Carolina, that means filing a Notice to Lien Agent as your work begins, informing suppliers of the identity of the lien agent, guarding against double payment liability through the Notice of Contract procedure, and enforcing your lien rights timely, when necessary.? If you?re unaware of how any of these tools work, call your construction attorney immediately.? Speaking of construction lawyers?
  5. Rely on your lawyer for more than just dispute resolution.? Construction attorneys do more than resolve claims.? We draft & review contracts (as well as construction forms) and provide counseling throughout the construction phase of a project and beyond.? Make an?experienced construction attorney your partner in profitability all year long.

Nothing wrong with some self-promotion in the blog — especially since the advice here has practical relevance whether or not you need a North Carolina construction lawyer.

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