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James Pader (at interview for The Franklin Press)

As the deadline approaches (tomorrow, January 31, 2012) for the 2012 Best Construction Blog competition, the we received an impressive last-minute entry from James Pader with Mountain Laurel Handrails (Apex Wood Railing) in Franklin, NC.

He writes:

My name is James Pader and I?ve personally been crafting mountain laurel handrails on special requests from clients since 2004.

In 2009, I posted pictures of a deck railing project my construction company installed. I started receiving inquiries about the availability of the product nationwide. The first national shipment went from Franklin, NC to Washington State.

Mountain Laurel Home Accents is currently expanding with orders both nationwide and locally.

Pader?s simple blog showcases the products, applications, clients, testimonials and practical ordering information in a manner that I sense inspires trust and confidence ? in part by keeping things at a human level.  You sense you are not dealing with some big, bureaucratic corporation.  The Internet and blog are the perfect resource for promoting Pader?s products:  He can deliver across the U.S., but demand in any individual market will quite focused and would be truly challenging to co-ordinate without a solid web presence.  In his case, the blog ?makes? the entire website, meaning this is one of the most practical examples of successful blogging I?ve seen to date.

If all goes well, the voting systems will be in place by Feb. 1 or 2 after nominations close.   If you wish to nominate your blog or one you like, please complete the nomination form by midnight on January 31.  There is no cost to enter nor win the competition, which will be decided by a combination of popular vote and independent judges? recommendations.

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