More evidence about the marketing power of follow-up inspections


Mike Jeffries

I?ve described in several previous posts and my Construction Marketing Ideas book the advantages of setting up follow-up inspection/service visits as part of your initial contract with your clients.  The reason is simple:  Visits to remedy problems and ensure satisfaction build good will and put you in the perfect position to receive follow-up and referral business.

These observations continue to be validated by others, notably yesterday by Mike Jeffries who wrote in his blog:

Past customers are a great source of repeat business and for many companies their largest untapped source of business.

They have already made the decisions to hire you so you don?t have to sell them or at most you will need to reconnect.

I know of a remodeler that does 2 inspections after he completes a project. He does the first on the one-year anniversary and the second on the two-year anniversary. In a remodeling project there are almost always some little things to fix. He uses his visits to reconnect and to find out if they are planning any additional work.

He told me recently that 22 per cent of his sales come from doing additional projects that the prospect brings up on the two-year anniversary.

In a follow-up email in which Jeffries granted permission to quote from his blog in the current Construction Marketing Ideas newsletter (distributed today), he added:  ?We have always advocated a 6 month to one- year  after the fact inspection ? and it inevitably leads to more work ? based on this insight and success we are now recommending that all of our clients do multiple inspections.?

His point makes sense.  If the follow-up inspection is one of the most effective and least expensive marketing options available to you, why not do more!

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