Long-term, short-term, and the surprise of commitment

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There aren't too many brighter marketing ideas than developing an effective referral program

systemsToday’s blog entry is late in part because today things didn’t go quite according to plan. One of our key contractors flaked — after asserting promised results and commitments (the resolution of which could have been measured in hours rather than days), she disappeared.

Meanwhile, another person appeared out of the blue in one of our markets. We’ve worked with her before, with some success. Yes, she would be happy to commit to a commission-based arrangement. We completed the documentation to set up the new contract within two hours.

Then, late in the afternoon, I conducted the last business at our former office location. We concluded the afternoon sales meeting by phone, and then I pulled the cord on the office phone system and Internet modem/router, and packed the stuff into boxes to take to our new “office”, a storage locker. (Everyone works from home, now, and the storage locker place offers mail services, reception, a board room, and wi-fi equipped workrooms for the times when we really need an office. While the move makes business sense, I felt a tinge of sadness as I carried the last box to my car and headed for the storage place and a meeting with our?office administrator there.

It’s been that type of day — change, yet some stability; old and new, commitment and disappointment. These processes, of course, reflect business and opportunity. We’ll be back at work tomorrow.

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