Little social media gestures can go a long way (if you keep at it)

social media likes

Social media offers plenty of opportunities for small gestures. At the simplest level, you can click on the “like” button on Facebook for posts by your clients, colleagues and subtrades. If you want to go a step further, you could comment or forward/link the relevant message.

And of course, you can post/repost your own good news shares; kudos, complements, award recognitions and the like.

At some levels, this process takes almost no time or effort; at others, it can be time-consuming, especially if you pour hours of energy into social media distractions.

Building materials marketing consultant Mark Mitchell suggests this type of social media relationship building could be like putting “pennies” into the relationship-building pot; as each activity is tiny in nature, but over time the goodwill adds up.

I don’t think social media participation is a substitute for in-person communicating and meeting (which is why I really advocate for association and community service initiatives) or the truly personal touch of a written note of thanks or congratulations. But I can think of few relationship and trust-building activities that you can complete in spare moments 24/7 to achieve such positive results for so little effort.

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