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I did a double-take last week when Brian Gallagher, our new South Carolina Construction News publisher, reminded me that he has written a book about construction marketing. My surprise grew when I discovered he had written Leading with Marketing: The Resource for Creating, Building and Managing Successful Architectural/Engineering/Construction Marketing Programs ?with co-author Kimberley Kayler in 2009, a year before my own Construction Marketing Ideas book. Brian told me his book, published through Author House, but also available at lower cost in an Amazon Kindle edition, continues to sell well. But how could I have missed Brian’s work? I mean, surely, in researching my own piece on a similar topic, I should have discovered he had recently written his own substantive book.

His book, indeed, is a comprehensive work, focusing on the ICI rather than residential or business-to-consumer side of the business. It is serious and thorough, covering all of the essential topics, with chapter-based “jargon junction” glossaries to explain and simplify marketing terms. Gallagher and Kayler argue for a strategic and thoughtful approach to marketing, with a longer-range perspective.

Marketing is an integral part of the business world, however, too many people in the AEC industry do not understand how to use and apply marketing tools and strategies that can help them establish a leadership position and have an impact on their bottom-line. But today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever, and decision-makers are savvier than ever. If there is ever a time to take the lead and embrace a strategic and integrated marketing program, it is now.

This is not another book about how to write a marketing plan. The mission of this book is to help you change the way you think about marketing, so your firm can select the right target audiences, communicate with them effectively, and ?create profitable opportunities. It is designed specifically as a tool for professionals in the AEC fields that are providing leadership to the marketing efforts, with a complete overview of marketing process, tools, systems and best practice. Companies that market services such as architectural, engineering and construction services; as well as companies that sell products, such as materials, systems, and other products used in construction, will find the marketing principles outlined in this book to be beneficial. Based on years of actual experience with a diverse variety of companies and associations in the AEC industry, this book is designed to bridge the gap between traditional marketing concepts and emerging marketing trends, while providing a contextual link to the construction business.

This is a serious volume with text-book qualities. Virtually all of its content is as relevant in 2013 as it was in 2009. The one topic?that needs updating, the application of social media, can be covered with other, more recently written books on that topic. (I had the same challenge and produced my own supplementary book on social media, which will need yet another updating within the next year, I think.) Gallagher’s book is a worthy addition to your library.

You can visit the book’s website and order it directly from the publisher, relevant associations, or other distributors. The Kindle edition is here.

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