Keywords and AdWords: A research and testing challenge

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The phone booth near the main reception desk at Google Headquarters. Fellow Google Top Contributor "Happy Cabby" writes in his blog: bought off Ebay and paid for with the Google company credit card. The management came down pretty hard on him and since then a tighter control has been made on what the corporate credit card can be used for. It has since been painted and modified to work with Google Voice."
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Some swag I received from Google. I’m a Top Contributor (moderator) on the Google AdSense Help forum. AdSense is the publishers’ distribution resource for AdWords and other pay-per-click advertising.

While Google’s AdWords system has revolutionized the advertising business, it also has created new challenges for architectural, engineering and construction organizations. In some respects, it has never been easier to design, test and improve effective advertising campaigns — in other ways, however, the incredible choice and budget-spending speed makes the process dauntingly challenging.

For example, if you choose the wrong keywords, you can be flooded with click activity from people who are at most remotely interested in your product or service, or worse, have absolutely no interest. And then, once they click (and you pay, on a pay-per-click basis), what happens? Do they take things a step further an inquire — and if they do, do they ultimately convert their initial inquiry into an order?

So many things can go wrong so many places along the line, it is no wonder that some business owners decide to give up before they get too far into the process. They might spend a few hundred dollars on AdWords, and then discover their budget has been exhausted within days — and they have absolutely no idea where their money has gone. Worse, they probably find the Google AdWords console confusing, at best, with so many options, choices and selection criteria.

Nevertheless, the keyword advertising can provide your best return-on-investment for advertising purchases, perhaps along with social media advertising opportunities (which have somewhat different guidelines). Once you?reach past the initial stage and achieve a benchmark result which makes you money, you are on your way. ?You can continue testing, evaluating, and experimenting to improve on the situation, but you know you are in the winners’ circle already — because even your worst results will make you money.

Of course you have to get there in the first place. You can of course call Google (yes, there is phone support for new advertisers) and get some advice on how to get started. Or you can use consultants and third-party services. You may find trustworthy services by connecting with colleagues at your relevant trade associations.

Perhaps an indication of the challenges here are that one AdWords consultant?I can recommend, Colin Donohue, happens to be a certified genius. I believe it takes an extremely high level of analytical intelligence to figure this stuff out for maximum effectiveness. See this link for more information about Colin’s RootDeeper service.

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