Is it fair? How do we address the construction marketing balance?

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man at building imageA constant challenge for anyone seeking to figure out the best solution to a construction marketing challenge is that success seems elusive, except for those who do not need (or cannot grasp) the answer.

This paradox is apparent when I set out to offer some guidance, support and marketing resources — for example, offering the Construction Marketing Ideas book and some individualized consultation to businesses which may pay several hundred dollars for a single advertisement in one of our regional publications. The book (with its related e-book about social media marketing) continues to sell about 20 to 30 copies a month internationally, but the only people who ?respond to the offer of additional support are so successful they can teach me about marketing, or (sadly) are so “beyond hope” in their understanding of even the simplest business fundamentals, that a marketing book won’t really help them at all.

This bar-bell effect — where extremes seem to skewer perspectives and sometimes decision-making — isn’t uncommon in the news media world. ?We may be trained to look for the exceptions, when the stories, and best practices, really should (and could, if applied properly) provide the greatest value to the people closer to the centre. You can also see it in commission sales environments: The individuals who will accept a pure commission opportunity are often brilliantly effective, or totally unemployable.

I wish I had the answer. If you would like to ask a marketing question (whether or not you are on one of the extremes), please feel free to ask either by email to or (if you would prefer to be anonymous), through your own blog comment.

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