In the air: On the journey to Israel

Eilat israel
Eilat Israel
Eilat Israel
Eilat, Israel

As you read this, I’ll most likely either 30,000 feet in the air in the final legs travel to Israel, or at the southern community of Eilat. ?After a day there, we’ll travel to Jerusalem for a few nights before returning home.

The opportunity to economically travel half way around the world, visiting truly different cultures and experiences, while remaining connected to “home” is something I truly appreciate. ?In many ways, the world retains its distinctiveness, though there are many differences from when I first boarded a plane overseas as a young adult. Then, there was a true “cut off and disconnect” process, with spotty, limited and very slow communication back home. ?(In Africa, even in the “western” cities, phones were rare — I received my job offer though a telegram delivered by a cyclist — and overseas calls were reserved for extremely critical matters.)

Now, of course, the Internet makes communication and access a simple process and almost instantaneous. ?So, allowing?for a few days when I’ll be in transit or the air, I expect to be able to continuously blog without needing to pre-set too many postings.

This however will still be a long day. With connections in Toronto and Paris, and the need to switch to a local airport for the final one-hour flight to Eilat, there will be about 24 hours of continuous travelling.

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