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The Granger Construction Blog reflects and represents the Lansing, MI-headquartered general contractor effectively. There’s a diversity of posts on a range of topics, ranging from specific project reports to general business advice/ideas — and, recently, a series of substantive market outlook perspectives.

Consider this story: 2017 Construction Trends: Industrial,?from?Ben Schneider, project director and industrial market segment leader:

As automakers and manufacturing companies continue to experience profitability and invest in new product, strategic project development and speed to market have become top priorities. Manufacturers ? and automakers, in particular ? are competing to lead the way in new technologies such as shared connectivity services, electrified vehicles, and autonomous vehicles. While this will increase their overall revenue, the growth rate of car sales is predicted to shrink as people share vehicles and use e-hailing services like Uber and Lyft. Automakers are evolving from car companies into mobility companies.

Automakers are not alone. Nearly all business are experiencing the change brought about by the rapid growth and adoption of technology. Because of this, construction priorities for businesses are increasingly focused on innovative and timely solutions that have a positive effect on efficiency and productivity. Companies in the industrial space are looking for ways to leverage technology to support business processes and initiatives and their construction needs reflect this. The growth in data center construction is one example that reflects the evolving nature of construction needs in this market segment.

In another post, Granger publishes a drone video of the?Wexford County Jail project — ?a beautiful story (though I imagine authorities won’t want drones flying over the prison yard once the institution is operating.)

Gabriel Santi in his?nomination commentary observes:

Our blog has been up and running since the launch of our new website in mid-June of 2016. Our aim is to provide compelling, useful and relevant information to our target audiences across our market verticals. Since launch, our blog has been very well received and has garnered significant positive feedback. I believe we are one of the few companies in our industry who are making a committed effort to implement content marketing, including understanding what content really resonates with our target audiences. We aim to not be promotional or too self-serving, choosing instead to try to provide consistent, relevant content for?the industry, sharing our expertise and experiences for the benefit of readers.

I think Granger has indeed achieved its objective and provides a worthy example of how a contractor can effectively develop and implement a solid blog.

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