Good ideas — lost in the noisy crowd . . .

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Sure, anyone can post virtually anything on YouTube — and some of the stuff is really good. I think StoryBrain’s video probably has more value than 30 Rock- Therapy, Jack Style, but look at the difference in views (let alone “Make-up Studio Summer Evening Trend 2011: Oriental Heritage (english). The world isn’t fair.

The inequities in marketing, business development (and for that matter, virtually anything else) can be galling, when you are on the outside. I mean: There is supposed to be a meritocracy, but you don’t dislodge insiders easily, and you can’t get attention effectively purely by having genuine talent.

These problems have grown more intriguing and challenging in the social media era, when in theory anyone can become an instant celebrity (or create celebrity) with a smartphone. Yet for all the thousands (or millions of really well-made YouTube videos and Facebook posts, how many go “viral” — and is the viral message something that would serve your business or personal interests.

As an example, I’ve discovered through a closed Facebook group some really inspiring psychological/cultural videos by an individual who combines genuine intelligence with deep cultural/movie-making knowledge, StoryBrain. You can see one of his videos below.

Now, note that he counts just a few hundred?”views” (so far) on some of these works — hardly a mass audience.

In the closed group, I saw StoryBrain’s real name, but can’t easily track it down now — the postings with that identifiable information have seemingly disappeared and he has elected not to make his identity public on the visible YouTube feed (hardly good for personal marketing, of course, but maybe it keeps him out of trouble from spammers, trolls and other Internet evil forces.)

There’s plenty of other great stuff out there and it gets little if any attention.


And then there’s the blow-up big story that attracts everyone’s attention and draws millions of viewers.

Of course, most architectural, engineering and construction marketers don’t need nor want a mass audience. They need to reach the people who can purchase their services, and this is a much smaller and more defined group. Still, it is a needle-in-haystack issue. ?Talent, fame, recognition and marketing success, alas, don’t always correlate.

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