Epiphanies and marketing: Are there correlations?

Have you ever experienced an epiphany?

Have you ever experienced an epiphany; that is, a mind-awaking sudden awareness that changes your perceptions and insights into fundamental conditions, and changes your life direction?

These ?eureka? moments happen infrequently and I expect many people never experience them, or, if they do, they are in the mildest form. Others discover them as part of a religious awakening and they spend the rest of their lives trying to help others see the same light (with varying, but usually limited, success.)

However, I?ve been intrigued by the epiphany question for some years in part because I think if we can distill the processes which lead to these insights, we can also capture the solutions to some of our biggest business and marketing challenges. If we gain insights that truly allow us to understand what makes our businesses (or professional practices) tick, we might be able to truly increase our marketing effectiveness and business profitability.

These observations may be putting too much practical application on the successful implementation of epiphany insights. And the trouble is, I cannot yet see if the flashes of insight that have shaped my life have any obvious parallels. (I?ve read books and articles on the topic, so know the experience certainly happens and has affected others, but I can?t say anyone close to me or in my immediate orbit has shared their epiphany stories.)

If you want to read about my epiphany, type “Tjolotjo” in this blog’s search function, and you?ll discover some relevant posts that describe the experience.

If you?ve had your own epiphany experience and wish to share it, please contact me at buckshon@constructoinmarketingideas.com. The story may relate to your business or career, but it could go beyond that, as I expect epiphanies correlate with discovering fundamental values and perspectives that define your entire life.

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