Crowdsourcing your business domain name (and possibly your logo design)

This site provides a crowdsourced approach to generating your business domain name a crowdsourced approach to generating your business domain name

This site, offers a potentially useful resource to help you figure out your best domain name. It is allied with, which also provides a crowdsoucing/contest approach in designing and selecting your logo.

Fees here are in the hundreds, rather than thousands, of dollars and the possibility of coming up with a name or logo design that suits you (and has some indication of support/acceptance) seems reasonably high.

You can of course elect to pay professional agencies and consultants for these services, or select your own design and name and go from there without additional costs. The former could make sense because these are important decisions; the latter may be wise if you really know what you are doing (but do you)?

I’m reminded here of a successful renovation contractor who came up with he thought would?be a rather good name for a business/market extension. It sounded good to him, and there were no trademark problems on the domain registration, but the keywords didn’t really match the business and they reflected a wildly competitive niche/expression. This means he has an uphill challenge?in anyone searching/discovering his new business on the Internet.

Conversely, another business stole my thunder, grabbing the domain words that match this blog’s themes and instantly vaulted onto the first page of Google’s search engine results. Ouch. Some extra thought and attention to the domain name registration process certainly has long-term value.

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