Crest Roofing & Co. blog: An solid example for a regional speciality contractor

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Edmonton's Crest Roofing & Co. Blog shows how a regional contractor can provide useful and relevant information

The Crest Roofing & Co. blog demonstrates effective blogging for a regional contractor — in this case, a roofing business based in Edmonton, Alberta.

The blog covers a diversity of roofing topics, effectively adapting them for the local market. If you are a roofing contractor elsewhere in North America, you could easily borrow the concepts within this blog and — without cheating by violating copyright — adapt the topics to your own community.

When you publish a blog like this, you gain traction both for local searches and from viewers who have an interest in the topic. The expertise communicates your knowledge of the industry and credibility and helps build business.

Consider, for example this post about?solar roofing.

The post (one of several on the topic, covering different aspects) includes links to charts and data showing the declining cost and increasing viability of solar rooftop power generation. In this passage, however, you’ll see how general information connects with regional knowledge to ensure the blog is truly relevant for its intended audience.

New financing options to make solar more affordable

Despite the fact that Alberta is one of the sunniest places in Canada, the government hasn?t offered much in the way of solar power incentives yet.

In the United States, home and business owners can get grants and rebates from the government for solar power installations, but only recently have Canadians started to see incentives. Solar power has been around for over 40 years and it was only 7 years ago (in 2009) that the Alberta government set up regulations that ?allowed Albertans to generate our own environmentally friendly electricity and receive credit for any power sent to the electricity grid.? (Source) It?s about time we start seeing government incentives for solar power.

Other than money back for power sent to the grid, currently the governments in certain cities offer their own incentives. Banff and Lethbridge offer rebates for taking ?green? initiatives. Banff specifically offers a $650 rebate for homeowners who install a solar powered hot water heater. (Source)

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, the Alberta government is also rolling out funding for farms and municipalities to install solar panels. (Source)

The future of solar power in Alberta is getting brighter, and it?s very likely that we?ll see more grants and funding for solar initiatives.

Overall this blog has a really solid design and relevance and certainly is a worthy entry in the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition.

Voting continues until March 31 and you can vote at this link. See the live chart of the voting results below.

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