Can you determine your construction marketing sweet spots (priorities)?

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There’s so much noise around us; so many distractions and false leads; so how do you determine and focus on what really matters for effective construction marketing?

I think the answer comes down to asking three questions and taking the time to consider the best answers to each of them. Sometimes there is one right way; but often you will find the best answer(s) arise from a combination of the perspectives.

Question 1: What is your absolutely most impressive and valuable unique and special . . . (fill in the blank)?

This question relates to differentiation — the stand-out advantage that you have in the marketplace.? There can be many different good answers, though if you say “we have great customer service” I’ll be tempted to give you the Three Stooges pipe treatment.

Question 2: What do you really love doing; what gives you your passion and enthusiasm and enjoyment in life?

Again, there are many different possible answers.? If you don’t have anything that causes you to feel some true anticipation, you’ll have more trouble succeeding than if you do.? If your answer to Question 2 is the same as Question 1, your marketing challenges will be relatively easy to solve.? If the two answers don’t resolve obviously, can you figure out a rational bridging strategy to link them.

Question 3: What is your plan and budget?

This question imposes discipline on the previous two directions — because even the most enjoyable and passionate dreams need to be grounded in their practical implementation.

Like many marketing observations, sometimes the questions are easier to ask than answer, but if things go well, you’ll discover the focus, enjoyment and passion to push through the harder times — and the discipline to implement your ideas and avoid distractions.

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