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burgin blog 2016
Burgin Construction's Valentine's Day blog invites a more romantic consideration of bathroom renovations
burgin blog 2016
Burgin Construction’s Valentine’s Day blog invites a more romantic consideration of bathroom renovations

Burgin Construction in southern California has been a consistent finalist in the Best Construction Blog competition and it won the 2012 contest. The residential renovation contractor engages its clients with thoughtful, humanly connecting posts, enhancing its relationships as it shares with its clients.

I enjoyed, for example, the most recent posting where blogger Rhonda Burgin creatively suggests a great Valentines Day gift would be — a bathroom renovation.

While chocolates and roses are traditional, why not think outside of the customary gifts and start something spectacular?

A bathroom remodel may not sound romantic at fist glance but when you start to think about soaking tubs, steamy showers ? we?re sure some romantic notions will come to mind!

Even if your loved one isn?t the ?romantic type? what?s more thoughtful than giving them their perfect space to prepare for their day or wind down at night?

You certainly cannot complete a whole new renovated master bath by Valentine?s Day, nor would you want to leave your partner out of the decision making process. What you can do, is start researching design-build and remodeling companies in the Orange County area so that on Valentine?s Day the two of you can sit down and begin planning your new beautiful and romantic master bath together.

Sure, this is a selling message, but it is done in a way that cannot cause offense.

Burgin has consistently scored as one of the top bloggers in the competition’s popular vote. However, unlike other contestants, the vote arises naturally, from real clients, and not through employee and close supplier “get out the vote” invitations. This genuine support helps the blog advance to the finalist category, where the independent judges review the blog on its merit and not how many votes it receives.

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