Best Construction Blog competition — final days for popular voting

best construction voting

blog nomination pageVoting continues until 5 p.m. (EDT) April 1 for the 2013 Best Construction Blog competition. ?Then the judges have a couple of weeks to review the votes and other aspects of the blog before we find out the winner on April 15.

Popular vote is undoubtedly important in evaluating the blogs. However, other issues such as design and writing quality are also important. A more challenging quality to measure is the vote “quality” — large organizations can encourage dozens of employees and contractors to vote; should these count the same as external clients and supporters (though it is also true that some consultants and others are extremely capable at “get out the vote” campaigns.

That is why we use the two-part evaluation in setting out the finalists.

Nevertheless, blogs probably need to be on the main page of finalists to succeed in the judged voting, as well, so it doesn’t hurt to encourage voting support.

You can see the results here and if you haven’t voted yet, cast your ballot.?If you have comments to share, these can be truly helpful to the judges, as well.


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