Best Construction Blog 2019 Voting Page

blog logo cmiEd Zarenski’s Construction Analytics blog has won the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition. The finalist vote is determined by a combination of popular vote and independent judges. Some degree of success in the popular vote is essential to reach the judging stage, but, as can be seen from the popular vote results here, the Construction Analytics blog certainly didn’t receive the most votes.

2019 final popular vote results

Here are the live voting results, updated in real-time until voting closes on March 31, 2019.

The judging process deals with the challenges of a contest based on popular vote results. Companies with large numbers of employees and supplier/contractors have a natural edge, because they can engage in concentrated get-out-the-vote campaigns.

Other organizations may win most of their votes from really enthusiastic clients, one by one. (And of course it is possible to succeed both ways.) An effective and high popular vote will get the judges’ attention and any blog hoping to reach finalist status should at least find a spot on the top page with the bar code.)

The Best Construction Blog competition concluded in 2019.