At the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) symposium

At the OGCA symposium

At the OGCA symposiumI’m writing this blog posting just before one of the bi-annual OGCA symposium highlights — the Presidents Panel — where a group of four contractor-presidents expresses observations about issues of concern, and fields questions from the audience. ?This gathering includes an intriguing group of movers and shakers within the province’s construction industry and (not surprisingly) a substantial contingent of people representing organizations hoping to market or do business with the contractors.

Accordingly, I’m here on a number wearing a number of hats. On one level, I’m a working journalist — writing and taking notes and preparing content for our regional construction publications. ?On another level, of course, this visit is all about marketing and business development. ?General contractors co-rdinate worthy projects, where we can write feature reports and sell ads. As well, of course, we are in the enviable position of having something to offer to the many other organizations — I count about 70 sponsors — who themselves want to do business with the general contractors. The association enjoys our presence — we help out with coverage on important issues, and draw attendance to the symposium (supporting the other sponsors, as well). ?Accordingly, we’ve achieved “Gold” sponsorship status with the appropriate level of recognition in the conference publicity material and site activities.

If you are wondering how this information can help you with your marketing, think about your clients and potential clients and the associations they support. The next stage is to figure out creative, relatively inexpensive, opportunities to interface and participate with the associations. I can think of few more durable and effective marketing strategies than to connect and contribute to associations. ?Take a few minutes and think about the three major associations your clients support and then explore how you can get involved, as well.

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