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The Acris Builder Sales Training blog provides insightful infoormation
Acris Blog
The Acris Builder Sales Training blog provides insightful?information

Perhaps the best and most obvious test of a blog’s value could be the answer to this question: “Does the blog provide me with useful, actionable information, that can be applied right away for my business — without needing to pay a cent or for any further advice or information?”

This is an important test that the Acris Builder and Sales Training blog has passed. The Queensland, Austria consultancy provides content rich enough to be worthy of readers anywhere in the English-speaking world.

As an example, consider some of the blog’s recent postings, including Are the builders advertising the same message losing out?”

Sales director Sky Cheri Stephens outlines the difference between cold, warm and hot leads — and the strategies of moving them along between the stages. (Cold leads are visiting your website without any previous reference, warm leads have visited and so can be tracked through cookies/retargeted ads and hot leads have given you their email addresses.) ?Notably, these are accurately described as leads — the very first stage in relationship building process for marketing and business development.

What should you do with cold leads:

These people have never heard of you and never visited your website. However, you do know something about them?

By looking at the profile of your current and previous clients you know what age they are likely to be, the area they live in, their marital status and even some of their interests.

And although they don?t know you, you already know a little bit about them!

This?really helps with constructing a message that speaks speak directly to your ideal client making them more likely to respond to your advert. It also allows you to narrow down your targeting which will significantly reduce your advertising costs!

Sheri also?tells you in the blog post how to communicate with warm and hot leads.

This is a worthy entry in the 2016 Best Construction Blog competition. You can vote for this blog — and any others you like — on the ballot below (but you can only vote once, so if you want to deliberate about your choice(s) it is okay — the voting continues until March 31.

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