A tale of two (painting) websites


Recently, a participant in our Construction Marketing Ideas group on LinkedIn posted this question:

We are getting lots of ?Views? on our Webpage but no one is calling?..Help !!! What can we do to make them pick up the phone and give me a call ?????

Several group members posted constructive suggestions, which you can read on the thread, but, for now, I will ask you to compare the painter?s current site to Daniel Smith?s ?Strokes of Genius? painting site serving Ottawa, ON.  (Daniel is a former employee of this company, responsible for advertising sales for Ottawa Construction News and some of our other publications.)

Is an image ? or a hyperlink ? worth a thousand words?  Perhaps, but you will need to go beyond the obviously different level of emotional and marketing appeal in the two sites to determine the best route to take in implementation.  Once I have the opportunity to communicate with both painting contractors, I?ll provide some further insights.

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