A simple (and easy-to-implement) customer satisfaction survey

jeffries construction satisfaction survey
Customer satisfaction surveys can help you track your success (and earn testimonials when you get it right) but don't brag -- deliver.

Michael JeffriesI discovered a gem of simplicity on Mike Jeffrries’ Closingsuccesssystem.com website — his construction satisfaction survey. ?I could make it easy for you to copy it ?by simply providing a direct link to the PDF file, but that wouldn’t be fair to Mike — so you’ll need to go to his blog posting: Top 5 marketing concepts contractors and service companies should use to increase their sales and profits in 2013.

The survey form requires a bit of digging within and beyond the posting — you’ll need to look beyond “Believe ?in yourself” to the “Seven action steps” and then you’ll find a link — and a directory file where, if you search further, you’ll get to the actual page.

Oh, this isn’t that quick and easy, is it? (And you may wonder where the actual “Top 5 marketing concepts” are on the page — I mean, he answers with only one (but maybe it really is the “top 5, all combined” — “Believe in yourself.”

However, once you navigate through the process, you’ll discover the survey gem — and I love it because it asks all the right questions, and only the right questions.

It asks for ?the Net Promoter Score: ?How likely are you to refer us to a friend or colleague? ?Then it asks for a qualitative assessment (testimonial). And finally, the survey invites the client to provide two specific testimonials, with simple Yes or No questions about using the testimonials in marketing materials and in client references.

Elegant, indeed. If clients respond with less-than-enthusiastic responses, you have the opportunity to see if you can make things right. If they are enthusiastic, you’ve got ready-made testimonials — and the ability to use them in your marketing. And you may well pick up a few referrals right off the form, as well.

Like most good things in life, I’ve deliberately made it so you have to put a little effort into capturing this information. While you are at it, you might want to sign up for Jeffries’ newsletter. ?It is worth the read.

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