2017 Best Construction Blog: Nominations open

blog nomination page

This week, nominations have opened for the 2017 Best Construction Blog competition. The annual competition allows you to showcase your content marketing initiatives, and all qualified entries receive free publicity/reviews, a hyperlink within the Construction Marketing Ideas blogs and resources?directory, and the opportunity to receive additional publicity/recognition as a finalist.

Nominations remain open through Jan. 31, 2017 and then popular voting commences. There are two months to vote (through March 31), and during that time, I review the finalist entries.

Qualifying criteria are quite simple: Your blog should be related to the architectural, engineering and construction community, be published with some regularity (generally at least once a week, but lower frequencies may qualify if there is suitable content) and not be a “splog” — or spammy-type material.

Here is the entry form. You can nominate your own company’s blog, or any you like.

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