Stirring the AEC marketing content wars: Which story is correct?

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There’s been some recent discord in a posting by David Whitemeyer on the PSMJ Resources, Inc., site, and Matt Handal from Whitemeyer posted with a provocative (and click-bait) headline:8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do A/E Marketing, and Handal’s response: A/E Marketers Are Not Your Gal Friday.

I urge you to read both pieces and form your own conclusions. As for my own opinion, I acknowledge knowing Matt for several years (I don’t know David), and that agree with him that you certainly don’t need to be an extrovert to be a successful AEC marketer. (Frankly, however, I have some difficulty with the psychological concept of introversion and extroversion, but believe that social skills/intelligence has real significance and this sort of “brains” certainly isn’t distributed equally.) Also, using words like “Bubbly” draws connotations of women living in another era. And Whitemeyer’s┬áheadline is undoubtedly misleading, playing on the click-bait content marketing techniques.

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